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  1. s delayed: =Googlefinance(NSE:ticker_name) You can check the stock ticker on Google Finance. For example, ticker for Asian Paints is ASIANPAINT. To fetch stock price of Asian Paints, here is what you need to do: =Googlefinance(NSE:ASIANPAINT
  2. Do not request the Google website frequently. Otherwise, your IP can be banned by the Google website. RealTimeToExcel loads one page to get the data for all options of the one expiration date. This feature significantly reduces the amount of requests to the Google website. Data Fields and Excel Formulas. Formulas for getting data by option codes
  3. Note: For stock exchange codes, the delay time, if any, of available stock quotes from different markets, and associated disclaimers please see this official Google Finance Disclaimer page. If you are a trader or have used any trading platform in the past, you may find the GoogleFinance function very easy to use. This's because you may find the arguments in this function familiar to you

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As i have lots of stocks, i dont want to import data manually everytime i add a new stock in my portfolio. I need a formula by which i get the latest stock price as soon as i write a Stock Name in cell A1. Example A1 = MSFT B1 = http://www.google.com/finance?q=msft C1 = 29.60 A2 = GOOGLE B2 = http://www.google.com/finance?q=GOOGLE C2 = 57 Download the Yahoo Finance to Excel file of this tutorial from this LINK. Go to yahoo finance, insert your ticker symbol and search your stock quotes. In this tutorial, we'll use the SPY ETF. Click on Historical Data to obtain all stock quotes. Select your TimeFrame; we chose Daily Below is the simple python script to fetch live stock quotes. from googlefinance import getQuotes import time import json import os import sys def fetchstockquotes (symbol): while True: os.system ('cls' if os.name=='nt' else 'clear') print json.dumps (getQuotes (symbol), indent=2) time.sleep (5) symbol=sys.argv [1] fetchstockquotes (symbol Since our ticker code is in cell C4, you'd type out =GOOGLEFINANCE (C4,price). Below is a list of stocks with their corresponding current prices. If you want to track a list of attributes, you can type them out in separate cells like in the above image. Then, you can link the second argument to the cell with the attribute's name

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Select one or more cells with the data type, and the Add Column button will appear. Click that button, and then click a field name to extract more information. For example, for stocks you might pick Price. Click the Add Column button again to add more fields Re: Real Time Stock Price from Google Finance in Excel You just found a bug in the macro (from investexcel.net isn't it), you can contact the author to tell him about this. His method is using QueryTable to fetch the data from GoogleFinance, the result of this fetch is one column of data (at column A), he then use TextToColumn to split the data to multiple columns In order to fetch XML data from Google Finance, there is no sign up or Log in required. The following URL is used to fetch data from Google: https://www.google.com/ig/api?stock=GOOG (here, GOOG stands for Google's stock and this symbol can be replaced by another stock symbol to fetch different stock Simply select the cells that contain the stock names/ticker symbols and navigate to the Data tab in the Excel Ribbon. Next click the Stocks button within the Data Types group. After clicking the Stocks button, Excel will attempt to convert as many of th

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Stock Quotes in Excel via Google Sheets Step 1: Start with a Google Sheets Template. We've created a Google Sheets template that uses the GOOGLEFINANCE function... Step 2: Add Stocks and Mutual Funds. To add a new stock symbol to the Google Sheet, type the symbol in column A, then... Step 3: Publish. While IE.readyState > 4 DoEvents Wend ' GET THE CURRENT STOCK PRICE, CHANGE. Set oHDoc = IE.Document Set oHDiv = oHDoc. getElementById (tickerID) sPrice = oHDiv.innerHTML Set oHDiv = oHDoc. getElementById (sChangeID) sChange = oHDiv.innerHTML ' SHOW PRICE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE CELL NAME Fetches current or historical securities information from Google Finance. Sample Usage. GOOGLEFINANCE(NASDAQ:GOOG, price, DATE(2014,1,1), DATE(2014,12,31), DAILY) GOOGLEFINANCE(NASDAQ:GOOG,price,TODAY()-30,TODAY()) GOOGLEFINANCE(A2,A3) Syntax. GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker, [attribute], [start_date], [end_date|num_days], [interval]

=INDEX (GOOGLEFINANCE (AAPL,High,date (2017,2,27)),2,2) In this example, I have used the GOOGLEFINANCE formula to give me the highest price of Apple stock on February 27, 2017. In the above screenshot, you can see that the output of the formula is a 2×2 matrix which gives the date and the high price Getting stock quotes is a little harder. I found one article where someone got stock quotes using Google Spreadsheets. You can also use the gadgets but I guess that's not what you're after. The API you mention is interesting but doesn't seem to be documented (as far as I've been able to find anyway)

Since Excel 2007 for US stocks you can use Smart Tags, see this. Get a stock quote. Most third party addins appear to rely on the Yahoo Finance API, though there are others eg Bloomberg. In Excel 2013 you can use the new WEBSERVICES function with say an appropriate Yahoo Finance link Jan 26, 2010. #1. Hi all, I want to get intraday live quote data of NSE stocks/Indices into excel sheet from GOOGLE Finance (NOT Yahoo finance). My stock symbols are in one column and I want to get the last traded price & PrevClose or %Change into the next columns Google Finance provides real-time market quotes, international exchanges, up-to-date financial news, and analytics to help you make more informed trading and investment decisions Combining Excel and Python by using Excel as the front end (or user interface) with Python powering the more complex tasks is a perfect match. Using Python to Get Real Time Stock Quotes. The following assumes some knowledge of Python. If you're not already familiar with Python, don't worry if you don't quite get all of it right now Have you ever wanted to fetch live stock quotes from excel? In this post we will learn about how to get stock quotes for specified symbols using macros. We use Yahoo! Finance API to fetch the stock quotes and other information related to a company using excel macros. Along the way, we will also learn various interesting things about Excel VBA

Excel is the most commonly used tool by people to manage and keep track of their stock portfolios. One of the most critical tasks to manage a portfolio in excel is to get the desired stock data in excel. There are many sources of data such as Yahoo Finance API, MSN Money, or Google Finance Looking at the Google Finance website, you will first be greeted with a large chart showing how stock prices fluctuate over a period of time. Time intervals of 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 6 months, year to date, 1 year, 5 years, or the whole lifespan of the company can be selected However, you traditionally had to pull this data either manually, or using third party tools. Now, you can do this using built-in Excel features if you are running Office 365. In this article, we are going to show how to get Excel stock quotes, along with tips and tricks about the new Data Types feature

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  1. Multiple Stock Quote Downloader for Excel. This Excel spreadsheet downloads multiple historical stock quotes into Excel. Just enter a series of ticker symbols, two dates, and click a button. Update on 14th April 2018: Yahoo changed a few things, so I've updated the downloader to work again. Update on 11th July 2017: You can now sort the.
  2. Google Finance, a service that provides information about the financial market, allows you to import this data into Microsoft Excel. Through this function, it is possible to create spreadsheets easily with the financial data available in the service
  3. s delayed: =Googlefinance(NSE:ticker_name) You can check the stock ticker on Google Finance. For example, ticker for Asian Paints is ASIANPAINT. To fetc..
  4. Many investors and finance professionals work with public company stock quotes. If that applies to you, here is a simple Google Sheets → Excel PowerQuery combination to simplify and streamline that process for you. If you would like a copy of the Excel file — with the PowerQuery import (with modifications), you can get it here
  5. The Google Finance function is unique in that it obtains data from a completely separate source of historic stock price data. But like any formula, it will require some inputs that you must provide. When using any spreadsheet formula, it's important to understand those inputs, which gives you an idea of the options you have when you use the formula
  6. Google Finance is a product of Google, that tracks everything related to the Stock market and manage your Portfolio etc. It has access to realtime data of various stock exchanges around the world like NASDAQ, NSE of India etc. We can use this to get realtime data of stocks for programatically accessing the value of a stock
  7. In Excel, click on the Data tab and select From Web.. Paste the URL you copied from Google Finance into the box. Click OK, and when the data appears, click Load.. If you want the data to update regularly, select the query click Data and then click the Refresh All dropdown arrow. Click Connection Properties and choose how often you want the data to refresh

How to Get BSE, NSE Real Time Stock Prices in Google Doc

This simple Windows Forms Application shows how to use the Google Finance APIs to fetch the stock quotes and charts and update them at a fixed interval using the System.Windows.Forms.Timer class. Using the code. In order to fetch XML data from Google Finance, there is no sign up or Log in required I hope you have already installed Python in your system and tested the execution of simple statements. If not, please go through the first part of this tutorial series right here.Now, let's write a python script to fetch live stock quotes from Google finance I just created a spreadsheet in Calc to keep track of the stocks I've purchased. I'd like to create a column that allows me to monitor a stock's price in real time. Is it possible to link to a live stock quote web site? I'm pretty sure there's a way to do it but I can't figure it out. I found a video using Google and the person said to use the Insert > Link to External Data function but it's. How to get a stock price for a specific date using the Google Finance spreadsheet formula May 15, 2020 by Kevin Parker If you're like me, you track things on spreadsheets and often times on Google Sheets (the Google Docs version of Excel essentially) Google Finance Stock Quotes Excel - radicalfasr. For years Jack has used the Yahoo! Finance API to import stock information into his worksheets. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Download historical stock quotes from Google Finance straight into Excel with this free spreadsheet

I'm trying to figure out the cost basis of some stock that I sold last year and I can't quite get GOOGLEFINANCE to do what I want. The stock was purchased through a DRIP so there are about five shares that get added every quarter over a long period of time.. I have the settlement dates and number of shares but, before 2003, I don't have the purchase price Open Source Excel VBA macro for downloading Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance This is an open source Excel Visual Basic for Application macro that automatically downloads data from https://finance.yahoo.com. The macro can be imported into Excel in a few simple steps and configured to download trading data for different stocks. Downloa Yahoo Finance API is the most used alternative for Google Finance API. It's among the most popular and visited financial websites which provides its users with substantial stock market data. The Yahoo Finance API has a variety of libraries/APIs/methods (yahoo_fin, yFinance, etc) that allow us to get real time and/or historical data for a wide range of products and financial markets

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How to import the stock prices of Yahoo Finance into Exce

Retrieve intraday stock data from Google Finance. Retrieve intraday stock data from Google Finance. Company ticker symbol. Interval between stock values in seconds. Number of days of data to retrieve. closing price, and volume. The index contains the times associated with. the retrieved price values. return pd. DataFrame ( rows, index=pd How to obtain stock quotes in Excel. I was working on creating a spreadsheet to calculate profits and losses on options positions but didn't know how to populate excel with stock quotes. Back in the day there used to be an interface to get stock quotes with the MSN Money site but it is not supported anymore Google Sheets has a built-in function called GOOGLEFINANCE which fetches current or historical securities information from Google Finance to a Google Sheet. This article details how this function can be used with our Spreadsheets integration to display market data on your Geckoboard dashboard

Python Script to fetch Live Stock Quotes from Google Financ

Use HttpUtil class of liferay to get response of the URL that you are passing. you can get more idea about this like how to pass parameter , whats the meaning of each and every parameter from this URL Yahoo Finance API 2) Get real time stock values using Google Finance Google finance is also a good api Google Finance offers financial data and news for most publicly-traded companies. Excellent interactive charts for any stock, mutual fund or currency for right now or any date in the past (historical data) with annotations for dates of big news events. Get live streaming statistics from wall street. Search stocks and get real time stock quotes Google Drive isn't just a place to store files; instead, it's a powerful web-base productivity suite. This tutorial will focus on using Google Sheets, Google's web-based spreadsheet app, to work with stock data. Stocks represent fractional ownership of a company. Stocks are traded on an exchange like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange (LSE), and more Step Two - Import Quotes From Google Finance. Importing stock quotes with google finance is straightforward and there is already a lot of detailed information on it provided by Google which you can find here. For example, maybe you want to download daily quotes for Apple stock for the last five years. If so, you can simply write the following.

How to Track Stocks with Google Sheet

Download historical and intraday quotes data. Click on the dukascopy link, select settings, and then click on 'Get Data'. Get historical data for the S&P500 stocks in one file. Daily, weekly and monthly historical quotes that can be exported in multiple formats. MSN provides eod data for the US stock exchanges Here's how to grab stock price and indexes into Excel via MSN Money. It's part of our series on getting 'live' data into Excel - Introduction and the Google Finance option. Microsoft dropped the MSN stock quotes option from Excel but they are still available There is a new way to get stock quotes in Excel 2016, but you'll have to be sure Excel is up to date before trying this. Make sure your Mac has a working internet connection before checking for updates. Install Mac OS X updates followed by Office updates. Mac OS X updates Finance capabilities in Excel have been disabled (by Yahoo!, aka Verizon). I have created a feature request directly to the Microsoft Excel team to recoup this lost functionality. The best way for them to notice this plea to get stock price functionality back into Excel is to upvote my posted request Some financial models need to reference stock quotes at certain dates. Instead of using those as hard-coded input data, you can create an Excel formula that will retrieve stock prices for a given date. This tutorial uses the concept of user-defined functions (UDF) - for an introduction, read this article

Thank you Prateek, that is a good question. Yahoo Finance only offers daily, weekly and monthly historical data. So you can't use this exact process to get intraday. If you have an online source of intraday data you can use the Excel data import function to get it directly into your spreadsheet https://www.facebook.com/FreeTutorials *Edit this no longer works due to Yahoo abruptly decommissioning their stock API. Still worth a watch if you want to l.. Excel Vba & 8211; Get Stock Quotes From Google Finance Api : Google Finance Excel Spreadsheet. Google Finance Data Excel Vba,How To Import Stock Prices Into Excel From Google Finance,Free Financial Spreadsheets Personal,Google Finance Functions,Free Online Spreadsheet,Use Google Finance To Pull Stock Information Into Excel,Free Fill In Spreadsheets,Excel Vba & 8211; Get Stock Quotes From. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Go back. Latest commit. limbenjamin Create getGoogPrice.vba. . c1149e1 on Nov 6, 2017. Create getGoogPrice.vba. c1149e1

I use the Data Existing Connection of MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes to access real time quotes on equities. How do I get a Connection to pull into my workbook a current quote on a stock option, e.g. SPX101016P01050000, which I can then use to update the value of my investments How to Import Share Price Data into Excel (with Yahoo! Finance) IMPORTANT: On 2 November 2017, Yahoo blocked access to the CSV API. No solution is yet known. Editor's Note: This software is non-commercial and for personal use only. No support is available. Yahoo! and Google both unofficially provide a free way to download stock quotes using an API Stock quote downloads in to Microsoft Access took a surprisingly long time to figure out. I thought it would be simple to create the VBA code to talk to Yahoo Finance and load stock quotes into my Access tables. Most of the examples where for PHP, C++ or Excel and where difficult to get running just right. ---- Free Stock Quotes Spreadsheet : excel clout stock quotes download. Excel clout stock quotes download. download historical stock data into excel,downloading stock data into excel,excel 2016 stock quotes,excel clout stock quotes,excel stock quotes 2017,excel stock quotes template,free stock quotes in excel,get stock quotes in excel from google finance,google finance stock quotes spreadsheet. The OP has an external query pulling stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance. He's using their csv download option, but just querying the csv rather than downloading it and loading it into Excel. One problem with that is that it puts all of the data in one column. If there's a built-in way to fix that, I don't know it

Download Historical Stock Quotes from Yahoo to Excel Note: In May 2017, the tables and ichart API from Yahoo to download historical stock data was discontinued by the Yahoo Finance team. The following illustrates the new method of using the query1 API to download historical stock data For a while, Google's finance API was a favored alternative, however Google recently shut that down in favor of using built-in Google Docs functionality. In the last few months, the most recent website I used for multiple quotes made some change that rendered my spreadsheet and its web queries non-operational This is extremely helpful for getting current stock quotes. I'm wondering if there's a simple adjustment to the formula that will generate a historical quote. Suppose I want to get the closing stock price on 12/18/2014. Is there a simple adjustment to the formula that will give me this price? Thanks. December 26, 2014 at 2:26 P

Google Finance can be accessed from the Google menu like all other Google applications, or simply by searching for a stock on Google, which will bring up the Google Finance information relating to. Get Realtime Stock Quotes using Yahoo Finance API . March 13th, 2016 Yahoo finance API seems to be the most popular since Google Finance API has been deprecated (have been discontinued in October 2012). If you want to try another provider, feel free to look at 96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg. 2. May 20, 2017. #1. I have been using the Bulk Stock Downloader (investexcel.net) for the past 2 years and it has worked wonderfully. Downloading Historical Data from Yahoo.finance has been quite efficient and easy. Thank you to those who clued me in. However it appears Yahoo Finance has made changes to their historical data layout formats Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for The Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2016/2013 is a small add-in based on the fantastic Excel-DNA library to retrieve stock data from Google Finance using the PSQ function. This version is using the Google Finance API. The old Stock Quote add-in was using the Yahoo Finance API to retrieve the stock quotes. The service has been terminated by Yahoo.

You can use the GoogleFinance function in Google Sheets to get live as well as historical stock prices and currency exchange rates.. With that information, hope you can create your financial portfolio tracker in Google Sheets. My expertise is on Google Sheets functions and formulas The data will still be a live snapshot of the prices from the market. If you are looking for a way to quickly get the live stock quotes in Excel with a very reliable source, then look no further.. We are so confident about the streaming real-time stock quotes in excel functions that we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee with MarketXLS. The stock price quotes will always match the price that.

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Microsoft Excel can provide you with a powerful suite of tools that allow you to quickly organize and evaluate the latest data pertaining to popular stock indexes. Understanding how to import. You can also show the card by right-clicking on the stock icon, and selecting Data Type > Show Card from the resulting shortcut menu. With our basic stock table set up, we can retrieve updated quotes or information at will. Refresh. Excel will refresh the stock quotes at any time. One way to do this is to use the Data > Refresh All command

If you want to track the history of a specific stock, use STOCKH. When you add the formula, you must define these attributes: Symbol: An abbreviation that uniquely identifies publicly traded shares of a stock on a particular stock market, enclosed in quotes, or a reference to a cell that contains the symbol. Attribute: An optional value specifying the stock attribute to be returned Here some adjusts in URL, columns order and a main call: #!/usr/bin/env python Retrieve intraday stock data from Google Finance. import sys import csv import datetime import re import pandas as pd import requests def get_google_finance_intraday(ticker, exchange, period=60, days=1): Retrieve intraday stock data from Google Finance How to Get Google Finance Data to Excel. The Google Finance website has a Portfolios section, which allows business owners to research and monitor stock prices. You can select a variety of information to view, including an overview of the stock, stock performance in relation to your transactions and a list of your. To get the live stock prices from NSE for the desired stock with all the related details ( highs / lows / volumes / bids / asks) The steps involved in performing this task is to get the 1>Data from internet and 2>Data process it to display the required content A few readers who are currently using my FREE Stock Portfolio Tracker have emailed me that their spreadsheet have failed to get any prices from Yahoo Finance in the past two days (This was written on 11th Dec 2020). In this post, I would provide a fix. Whether it is permanent or not is another question altogether

Real Time Stock Price from Google Finance in Exce

Microsoft recently updated the built-in tools for retrieving stock quotes into Excel. If you're typing closing prices into Excel manually, this article may be able to help you get it done faster. Specifically, we'll talk about how the Stock data type retrieves current quotes and related information, and how Power Query can retrieve historical stock The SMF (Stock Market Functions) add-in adds a number of functions to EXCEL that can allow data to be extracted and/or retrieved from the web and placed directly into EXCEL cells or ranges. For the Add-in, Documentation, Templates, Tips and FAQs, or for update announcements and notices. Showing 1-24 of 324 topic Pandas DataReader (separate library to Pandas) works with Yahoo finance (not google finance). Installation : pip install pandas_datareader Code : I just run the below to get the SPX data between 2010 and 2015 and it works In order to get stock quotes, they would often source data in Yahoo Finance, API, Google Finance, or MSN Money. This usually takes up a lot of time as it is. However, once you scraped the data from the web pages to your Excel spreadsheets, you would also have to delete the data that you don't want and then format the rest that is remaining so you can make better sense of your data for analysis

Stock Portfolio Tracker with Google Finance. In this spreadsheet, Google Finance automatically queries the current price of the stock based on the Ticker column. I have used both the exchange symbol (e.g. NASDAQ) and the ticker symbol (e.g. AAPL) to get the most accurate data from Google — i.e. GOOGLEFINANCE(NASDAQ:AAPL) How to get free stock market data in Excel: an illustrated guide Graham Neary December 13, 2018 8:53 am 3 Until now, getting stock market quotes in Excel has required some combination of technical expertise and specialist financial software Google Finance can be accessed from the Google menu like all other Google applications, or simply by searching for a stock on Google, I have created a beta version on Excel

Use finance templates exactly how they come, or customize them to fit the way you work. Let's get you started using templates for Google Sheets. How to Use Google Sheets Templates: There are two different ways to access Google Sheets templates for sales. Open Google Sheets. Click Template Galler 10 New Ways to Download Historical Stock Quotes for Free Here is a list of websites that provide end of day historical data for US and international stock markets. All the quotes data provided by the websites listed here can be exported to CSV or Excel format. FinancialContent Several websites use historical data provided by financial content In this article, we are going to show how to get Excel stock quotes, along with tips and tricks about the new Data Types feature. In September 2018, Microsoft has announced new features like the Data Types, and Dynamic Arrays, and dynamic array functions to go with these additions Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2016 and 2013. The Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2016/2013 is a small add-in based on the fantastic Excel-DNA library to retrieve stock data from Google Finance using the PSQ function. This version is using the Google Finance API. The old Stock Quote add-in was using the Yahoo Finance API to retrieve the stock quotes Wallmine, although promoting themselves as THE Google Finance Portfolio Alternative, is so much more. They combine several markets, such as stocks, crypto, insider trading and SEC filings with useful tools. Try the stock screener, market heat map (showing the volume of changes and market cap), 3D bubbles or more

Stock Quotes and Charts from Google Finance using C#

Building A Stock Screener In Excel With Yahoo Finance Data Introduction. In this tutorial we will build an Excel stock screener to analyse the constituent companies of the S&P 500. We will use the Excel Price Feed Yahoo Finance formulas to automatically populate and update cells with live financial data from Yahoo Finance Download MarketXLS - Stock Quotes in Excel - This Excel Addin implements Yahoo Finance API in your Excel workbooks and exposes 84 new functions in Stock Quotes category for you to be able to download live Stock information right in your Excel Workbooks. The..

Excel Formula for Real-Time Stock Price Published on July 26, 2014 July 26, 2014 • 158 Likes • 103 Comment Till Nov'2017, Google Finance provided excellent tools for portfolio tracking and stock screening. But Google decided to discontinue this service since then. If you want to know about the discontinued features of Google Finance, you can read this blog post. People like me were a die-hard fan of Google Finance's stock screener Until this is resolved, we will be using Google Finance for the rest this article so that data is taken from Google Finance instead. We are using the ETF SPY as proxy for S&P 500 on Google Finance Please note that there has been some issues with missing data in Google's API, as well as frequent, random errors that occur when pulling a lot of data In this post we will learn about how to get stock quotes for specified all symbols using simple Excel Tricks. In this article I'm trying to explain how to create a link in excel with current market price i.e. all information related to your portfolio will be automatically fetch into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet How to: Obtain historical stock prices from Yahoo finance (you can query them via Excel too) Introduction I was working on creating a spreadsheet to calculate profits and losses on options positions but didn't know how to populate excel with stock quotes. Back in the day there used t.

Excel VBA - Get Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance API - YouTubeGoogle Finance Stock Quotes in ExcelGoogle Stock Quote Idea - BasecampatxLive Stock Quotes Nasdaq | Quotes T loadHow To Get Stock Price From Yahoo Finance - FinanceViewerHow To Use Google Finance Api In Excel - quotesclipsyahoo_finance_quotes | yahoo finance quotes greasemonkey

The latest news and updates from the Google Drive team. Tips & Tricks: GoogleFinance in Google spreadsheets Friday, August 13, 2010 Would you like to easily keep track of stock market quotes and other data relevant to your stock portfolio In my opinion a better place to do this is a Google Spreadsheet rather than Excel. Google can get data from Yahoo, plus also from Google Finance. And you can write server-side javascripts to send you alerts and all sorts of things. Additionally, you can query your spreadsheet using SQL and insert the results, live-linked, into another spreadsheet I have dozens of iterations of files I was using to get quotes from google.finance.ca using Microsoft's native api external Existing Connections, only to find one day that it all just stopped working. Another thing you can do is pay a little bit and get access to data from an aggregator (like Bloomberg) or markets themselves Collecting historical stock prices from Google Finance for SQL Server with Python was addressed in this prior tip. It was discovered during the preparation of the tip that a changed Google Finance URL defeated, probably on a temporary basis, Python's ability to modify programmatically date ranges for collecting historical stock prices At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, the latest news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates to help you manage your financial life

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